Liv's Beehive


Blobbee is an emoji pack starring bees, based on Neocat and Neofox by Volpeon.

A grid of bee emojis making various expressions. They have cute yellow faces.

The actual emojis are published on github so that I can make distinct releases with changelogs. It also allows me to automate exporting the various files and metadata necessary to make importing them on fedi much easier.

Blobbee is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Feel free to use them on fedi, discord, or anywhere else.

I create blobbees in Affinity Designer and export them to SVG for github. Then I have a github action which creates PNG versions and puts them in .zip and .tar.gz archives for release.

Old blobbees

Version 2.0 was a big update to the pack which changed the entire design of every emoji. The old version is still available on github, but I don't recommend using them in practice because the expressions are hard to read when the images are emoji-sized.

A grid of bee emojis similar to the ones above, but with grey faces and more black outlines.